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Gladiator boats


Inflatable keel boats with a stationary transom for fishing, outdoor activities on reservoirs.

Inflatable bottom

Motor boats with an inflatable bottom of low pressure is a versitile solution for most tasks.



High-speed boats consisting of a rigid ungainly frame-forming bottom and inflatable multi-chamber PVC tubes.

Advantages of GLADIATOR inflatable boats

One of the key advantages of Gladiator is versatility, in our model range there is an opportunity to choose a boat and for any task.


  • all parts of Gladiator boats are made of proven and reliable materials from world top manufacturers
  • the manufacturer uses Chinesemoisture-proof laminated plywood FSF, PVC and glue produced in South Korea


  • in tubes there are leak-tight partitions dividing them into at least 3 compartments, which allow the vessel to remain buoyant in case of failure of one or two compartments
  • all seams are made using the “overlap” gluing method, which imparts reliability to each seam and to the structure as a whole ● all GLADIATOR boats have additional mechanical protection of tubes and keel in the form of armored tape 20 and 8 cm wide
  • reinforced lock’s structure of floorboards prevents the boat from folding while in motion, even in models over 4 m long
  • most boat models are equipped with pressure relief valves to prevent failure of tubes resultant from overheating in sunny weather
  • warranty for material – 5 years, for seams – 3 years, for components – 1 year


All phases of production are controlled by the Quality Control Department. Each finished Gladiator boat is subject to a three-day test in inflated state. Statistics received from service centers since 2013 show record-low rejection figures – less than 1%, which is difficult to achieve even by the best known manufacturers.


  • the choice varies from an affordable rowing boat, to RIB and models for extreme rafting
  • all flooring types: aluminum, plywood, low pressure air deck bottom
  • delivery set: from basic to “all inclusive”

There are 7 series for every taste and wallet, more than 100 models for a variety of operating conditions:

All Gladiator brand products have international CE certificate, certificate of compliance with the requirements of Technical Regulations of the Customs Union as well as EAC certificate.