Motor boats (aluminum flooring)


For those, who know what they want

Super premium boats with aluminum flooring, increased strength and carrying capacity from a professional series with rich and thoughtful equipment.

The “ACTIVE” series presents boats with an expanded configuration and a more reliable stringer fastening system, thanks to which it is possible to achieve better fixation of the payoles and bottom tension.


  • Comfortable padded seat pads
  • Removable seat bags for things and supplies
  • Bow awning for protection from splashes, rain and wind
  • A nose bag for things to stay dry for the rest of the trip

Boats of this series are made of PVC with a density of 1100 g/m².

Reliable tubes armor and keel protects the boat from punctures and damage. A wide selection of colors, including a spectacular exclusive – “digital camouflage”, will emphasize your personality and give you the opportunity to stand out against the background of gray and green boats passing by.

The ACTIVE series is equipped with aluminum solder with anti-slip notches (AL).

Advantages and equipment

  • Floor type: aluminum flooring
  • Balloon — PVC density 1100 g/m²
  • Bottom — PVC density 1100 g/m²
  • Balloon armor and keel guard
  • Stationary transom
  • Maximum motor power: 40 h.p.
  • 10 color options
  • Maximum load capacity: 1087 кг*
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Model C420AL
Complete Set
  • A set of aluminum footlings
  • 2 aluminum paddles
  • 2 aluminum seats
  • Seat covers with bags
  • Boat Bag
  • Footling bag
  • Bow bag
Full Description

Available colors

Light/Dark gray
Dark gray
Orange/Dark gray
Sea green/White
Digital camo

Model range

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Model External Dimensions, cm Internal Dimensions, cm Number Of Chambers Tube Diameter, cm Weight, kg Maximum Engine Power, hp. Maximum Load Capacity, kg Maximum Passengers Capacity
Length Width Length Width
C330AL 330 154 221 70 3+1 42 55 15 575 4
C370AL 370 174 241 82 3+1 46 72 30 690 5
C400AL 400 174 271 82 3+1 46 80 30 785 6
C420AL 420 192 276 92 3+1 50 84 40 1087 7