Motor boats (hardfloored)


A great start

Affordable premium at the price of the middle segment and nothing super fluous, only reliability and thoughtfulness of every detail. Everything is advanced that is in the boats, but due to competent logistics and wholesale purchases of materials, we managed to keep an affordable price.

Gladiator boats of the “LIGHT” series are a basic series of in flatable keel boats with a stationary transom as standard for fishing, outdoor activities on waters of any type without an aggressive external environment.

All modifications from this series are equipped with a valve for automatic relief of excess pressure in case of excessive pumping or overheating of the tube in the sun.

The boats are made of PVC density 850 g/m² (bottom 1100 g/m²) and have improved driving characteristics due to the smooth cut of the balloons.


  • AL — aluminum footlings with anti-slip notch with a set of aluminum stringers. The most convenient type of flooring to use: it does not need to be dried, it is impossible to scratch or puncture.
  • AD (AirDeck) — is a removable monolithic high-pressure in flatable bottom. Due to the high pressure, the bottom is not pressed under the weight of a person. The main advantage of AirDeck is its lower weight compared to other types of floorings.

Advantages and equipment

  • Floor type: aluminum flooring
  • Balloon — PVC density 850 g/m²
  • Bottom — PVC density 1100 g/m²
  • Balloon armor and keel guard
  • Stationary transom
  • Maximum motor power: 30 h.p.
  • 9 color options
  • Maximum load capacity: 690 кг*
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Model B370AL
Complete Set
  • A set of aluminum footlings
  • 2 aluminum paddles
  • 2 aluminum seats
  • Boat Bag
  • Footling bag
  • Foot pump
  • Balloon armour
Full Description

Available colors

Light/Dark gray
Dark gray
Orange/Dark gray
Sea green/White

Model range

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Model External Dimensions, cm Internal Dimensions, cm Number Of Chambers Tube Diameter, cm Weight, kg Maximum Engine Power, hp. Maximum Load Capacity, kg Maximum Passengers Capacity
Length Width Length Width
B330AD 330 154 221 70 3+1 42 42 15 575 4
B330AL 330 154 221 70 3+1 42 50 15 575 4
B370AL 370 172 241 82 3+1 46 64 30 690 5