The next in the Motor Boats Light series are the boats of AK-AD (AirDeck) and АK-SF (Slatted Floor) models. These boats offer unique design with a fully-featured glued-in transom made of laminated waterproof plywood. Due to this fact, you can install a hung boat engine with capacity up to 15 h.p. depending on the boat length. Motor Boats Light series boats are made of 0.7 mm (850 g/m2) PVC, which ensures protection and small weight.

АK-AD (AirDeck) model includes keeled motor-bowing boats with a glued in transom beam and Air Deck floor. It combines small weight, extended load capacity of the boats with an inflatable floor, and the possibility to install a low-capacity boat engine at a stationary transom as in the case of full-featured motor boats.

АK-SF (Slatted Floor) model includes keelless motor-rowing boats with a glued-in transom beam and Slatted floor. It features small weight and the ease of assembling comparable with the Rowing Boats series, while possessing a hard stationary transom beam, which allows to use a more powerful engine.

АK (Wood Floor) can be considered as the initial model of the motorized series. It features a glued-in transom and rigid plywood floor and a full-featured inflatable keel. АK-WF boat has a moderate price and small weight

Advantages and equipment

  • Balloon — PVC density 850 g/m²
  • АK (Wood Floor), АK-SF (Slatted Floor)
  • АK-AD (AirDeck)
  • Balloon armor and keel guard
  • Stationary transom
  • Maximum motor power: 15 h.p.
  • 3 color options
  • Maximum load capacity: 315 кг*
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Model AK300
Complete Set
  • Waterproof plywood floor (thickness 12mm) and aluminium stringers
  • Air Deck
  • Slatted Floor
  • 2 aluminum paddles
  • 2 aluminum seats
  • Boat carrying bag
  • Boat floor carrying bag
Full Description

Available colors

Light/Dark gray
Dark gray

Model range

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Model External Dimensions, cm Internal Dimensions, cm Number Of Chambers Tube Diameter, cm Weight, kg Maximum Engine Power, hp. Maximum Load Capacity, kg Maximum Passengers Capacity
Length Width Length Width
AK 260AD 260 150 219 109 3+1 41 38 211 2
AK 260SF 260 150 219 109 3+1 41 38 211 2
AK 280 280 150 239 109 3+1 41 41 258 2+1
AK 280AD 280 150 239 109 3+1 41 41 258 2+1
AK 300 300 150 259 109 3+1 41 44 315 3
AK 300AD 300 150 259 109 3+1 41 44 315 3