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RIB – high-speed boats consisting of a rigid ungainly frame-forming bottom and inflatable multi-chamber PVC tubes.

The rigidity of the frame allows you to give the bottom a clear outline, which provides the keel the most effective angle. On boats with an inflatable or footling floor. it is simply impossible to achieve this, therefore RIBs are many times superior to conventional PVC boats in terms of stability, speed, comfort for passengers and the ability to get on the glide with less effort. Inflatable sides allow Rib to moor anywhere unlike boats with rigid sides. They consist of several inflatable balloons, which guarantees almost complete unsinkability of the watercraft. Therefore, most rescue operations and interceptions at sea take place with their participation. They are actively used by the military and rescuers.

The tubes are made of PVC density 1100 g/m² (thickness 0.9 mm).

The bottom can be made in 2 versions: fiberglass or aluminum.

  • RIB bottom is a 0.7 cm thick plast-composite fiberglass (7 layers)
  • The bottom of RIB AL is shipbuilding marine aluminum Amg (an alloy of aluminum with magnesium) with a thickness of 3 mm. It provides high corrosion resistance in working conditions with seawater. Marine aluminum is also characterized by good weldability and high strength. Powder painting.
  • Bottom: aluminum
  • Balloon — PVC density 1100 g/m²
  • Stationary transom
  • Maximum motor power: 40 h.p.
  • 8 color options
  • Maximum load capacity: 730 кг*
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Model RIB420AL
Complete Set
  • Rigid frame-forming bottom: marine aluminum
  • 2 aluminum paddles
  • 2 seats made of moisture-proof plywood
  • Nose locker with soft lining
  • Foot pump
  • Kilgard
  • Nose ring handle (metal)
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Model External Dimensions, cm Internal Dimensions, cm Number Of Chambers Tube Diameter, cm Weight, kg Maximum Engine Power, hp. Maximum Load Capacity, kg Maximum Passengers Capacity
Length Width Length Width
RIB380AL 380 170 282 80 3 45 84 30 690 5
RIB420AL 420 184 318 80 3 52 88 40 730 7