Motor boats (inflatable bottom)


Versatile choice

Motorboats with a low-pressure inflatable bottom GLADIATOR AIR is a universal solution for most tasks. AIR SPORT has repeatedly won the championships in water-motor sports.

Easily packed in one bag and placed in the trunk of any car: no tedious assembly-disassembly– the boat just needs to be pumped up

Damage resistance:

  • The most vulnerable places of the lower part of the boat: the keel, part of the tube – in the place of contact with the ground, reinforced with polyurethane tape armor
  • The boat does not have a rigid floor with stringers, so the sides inside the cockpit do not wear out
  • The transom is located on a cushion that protects it from collisions with a rocky bottom or boulders at the bottom of the river

Engineering solutions

  • The widest cockpit in its class
  • Stiffer transom to improve planing
  • Wider seats – 30 cm
  • The special design of the bottom ensures a soft glide on the wave

Modification SL is a lightweight version of Air Sport boats for use in conditions that do not require additional protection of the bottom and tubes and allows you to save your money. Both versions S and SL are equipped with PVC tubes with a density of 850 g/m², the top of the bottom with a density of 1100 g/m². Antislip and the bottom with a density of 1100 g/cm².

Advantages and equipment

  • Floor type: inflatable bottom with tunnel
  • Balloon — PVC density 1100 g/m²
  • Bottom — PVC density 1100 g/m²
  • Balloon armor and keel guard
  • Stationary transom
  • Maximum motor power: 50 h.p.
  • Multiple color options
  • Maximum load capacity: 800 кг*
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Model E420S Jet
Complete Set
  • Glued inflatable bottom (low pressure) with tunnel
  • 2 aluminum paddles
  • 2 seats made of moisture-proof plywood
  • Boat Bag
  • Foot pump
  • Balloon armour
  • Kilgard
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Model External Dimensions, cm Internal Dimensions, cm Number Of Chambers Tube Diameter, cm Weight, kg Maximum Engine Power, hp. Maximum Load Capacity, kg Maximum Passengers Capacity
Length Width Length Width
E420S Jet 420 206 315 100 4+3 53 65 50 800 6