Outboard motor GLADIATOR G5FHS

102 cc
Engine displacement
5 hp
21 kg
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2-stroke outboard boat motor GLADIATOR G5FHS with power 5 hp

Brand Gladiator
Weight, kg 21
Engine Type 2-stroke
Power, hp 5
Displacement, cc 102
Number Of Cylinders 1
Engine Stroke Cycles Type 2-stroke
Foot Size, mm S, 381
5 hp

GLADIATOR G 5FHS — 2-cycle outboard boat motor with power 5 h.p.

The motor is equipped with a built-in fuel tank of increased volume (2.5 liters) and has the ability to connect an external fuel tank. The choice of the fuel tank (built-in or external) is carried out by switching the tap located on the motor housing.

The external fuel tank is connected to the engine by a fuel hose through quick-release connectors (it is possible to switch from one tank to another without turning off the engine). A pre-prepared mixture (premixing) in a ratio of 50:1 is used as fuel.

To facilitate the start of a cold engine, an air damper with an adjustment on the body is provided in the carburetor design. And to control the operation of the cooling system, a special nozzle is installed on the motor.

The motor is started by a manual starter, and is controlled by a standard tiller with a rotary throttle handle (motorcycle-type trigger) with anti-slip notches.

A lock is provided on the manual starter, which does not allow starting the motor when the gear is switched on (starting is possible only on neutral). Gear shifting is carried out by a lever on the right side of the motor. The lever has three positions – forward, neutral, backward. The engine stop button is located directly on the motor housing, it is equipped with an emergency shutdown safety check.

The design of the motor clamp allows you to adjust the operating angle of attack (5 positions), as well as to fix the motor in the position of movement in shallow water and fully raised position. A loop is provided on the clamp for securing the safety rope.

The motor has the ability to adjust the force of turning left-right and the force of turning the throttle handle (trigger).

Brand Gladiator
Weight, kg 21
Engine Type 2-stroke
Power, hp 5
Displacement, cc 102
Number Of Cylinders 1
Engine Stroke Cycles Type 2-stroke
Foot Size, mm S, 381
Power, kW 3.7
Cylinder diameter, mm 55
Piston stroke, mm 43
Engine start hand starter
Control system tiller
Fuel injection system carburetor
Gear shift modes F – N – R
Ignition system CDI
Cooling system water
Angle of attack and lift adjustment mechanism hand operated
Engine lubrication system oil in fuel
Oil-to-fuel ratio 1:50
Fuel tank built-in
Tank capacity, l 2.5
Fuel consumption, l/h 2.5
Recommended fuel unleaded gasoline 92
Recommended oil TC-W3
propeller 3-blade
Propeller material aluminum
Blade size, pitch/inch 7,8 / 8
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  • Propeller
  • Tool set
  • Emergency shutdown safety check
  • Spare impeller
  • Spare ignition cord
  • Fuel tank 12 liters
  • Fuel hose

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